The Holy Spirit.

A course about the person and the work of the Holy Spirit. Emphasis is placed on fundamental truths that will radically change the lives and ministry of the students. Students will discover in a great way who the person of the Holy Spirit is – and how to walk in His power and presence every day.

Call of God.

This class places strong importance on the Call of God and how God equips you as well as a detailed look at the Five – Fold ministry and how it functions in the local church. 

Ministry of Helps.

The ministry of helps is a crucial service for the proper functioning of the local church, which is often overlooked. This course will provide Biblical insights about this ministry in relation to the local church. This course will be taught with the principles of God’s Word in relation to fulfilling the vision of the local congregation.


This course looks deeply at revivals and revivalists of the past. All the great revivals from history have begun with revivalists  who were hungry for God to see a change in their country / region.

The Authority of the Believer.

This is a practical course on the topic; ‘The Authority of the Believer’, in accordance to the Word of God. From the Bible, we will discover truths from the book ‘The Believer’s Authority’ by Kenneth E. Hagin, bringing this amazing topic to life.


The focus of this course is in two different areas:   

1. To show from the scripture that it is God’s will to heal all today.   

2. To bring clarity on certain Bible passages where misconceptions about healing exist.

Matters of the Heart.

In this class we will learn about the Believer’s heart and the importance of his/her Christian walk. The course will show you how to develop your heart and what it means to keep your heart above all that is to be kept.

The Gospels.

Students will gain a thorough understanding of the gospels and their history in this course. They will also see the life and ministry of Jesus in a way that it applicable in their every day life. 

Soul Winning I.

This is a course to fulfill the Great Comission. Each student will experience the joy of leading others to Christ and being effectively equipped to have an impact in his/her world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Students will also become acquainted with followup techniques to build new converts to be disciples.


Stewardship is a widely discussed topic in the Bible. Jesus talked a lot about it and it is very important for your life today that you learn to be a good steward of what God has given you, especially in your finances. In this course we will look at various Bible texts on this topic and this will give you a good foundation for your own life and ministry.

Christian Lifestyle.

What is a Christian Lifestyle? What does a pure and holy life look like? The letters of Paul explain what God expects of His children. In this course these letters will be studied, and the student will be challenged to live a pure and powerful life, as God intended.

Submission & Authority.

The student swill learn how submission and authority are a part of daily life. Wisdom will be shared, based on the book ‘A Tale of Three Kings’, and from the teacher’s personal experiences. This course will give the student a foundation to walk daily in these truths.

Faith I.

This course is a study of faith. The following topics will be discussed in this class: Faith Defined – How Do We Get Faith – What Does It Mean to Believe with the Heart – Confession – Overcoming Faith – Enemies of Faith – God’s Kind of Faith – Faithful Prayer – Keys for Developing Faith.

Bible Doctrines.

This course places a strong foundation on Biblical doctrines that will keep the student anchored in truth in times of deception.


This course will lay the foundation for Biblical principles of leadership. There is a great need for strong leaders. Leaders are formed, not born. Therefore, it is very important to see what the Bible says about leadership and to learn from Biblical examples of strong, serving leadership.

History of Revival.

This course is a representation of the history of Christianity since the beginning of the Church. Emphasis will be placed on the Charismatic / Pentecostal movements that have arisen since the Book of Acts, and throughout history that are still present until today. This course will also provide insight into the ongoing movement of the Spirit in the life of the church, highlighting current movements.


This is a profound study of prayer. The following subjects will be studied in this course: • The Purpose of Prayer • Weapons of Prayer • Power Through Prayer • Getting Answers by Prayer • The Essence of Prayer • Need for Prayer.

Gifts of the Spirit.

This is a study course on the gifts of the Holy Spirit according to 1 Corinthians 12. Students will learn the Biblical foundation for the purpose, the source, and the functioning of the Gifts in the life of the Believer.

New Creation Realities.

When someone is born again, everything changes. The Bible gives many truths about having a new Identity in Christ. In this course, the student will discover these truths and learn how to walk in this identity in Christ.


The call and price of a life in Missions. The world’s distress is great, and God still calls people to this life of missions. Even for those who will never put a foot outside the Netherlands, this is an important course to discover the heart of God for the world, and to be equipped to be a part of the work God does on the earth at this time.

Faith II.

This course is designed to give the student a strong Biblical basis in faith and to anchor the lifestyle of faith in the student.

Soul Winning II.

This course is both theoretical and practical. In the first year, a foundation is laid. In the second year this foundation will be strengthened, and the student will be further equipped to be a powerful witness in their daily life.


In this course the student is equipped with the art of preaching. The student will learn to organize, prepare his notes and thoughts, and to formulate a powerful message that touches the hearts of people.

Blood Covenant.

A powerful study in the different Biblical covenants. How did they start, what are their meanings and implications, and what does it mean for our lives today?


In this course, a foundation is laid in the student’s life with a Biblical basis on the existence and functions of angels and demons.

The Minister’s Family.

Your family is your first ministry. The Bible also has a lot to say about how to have a full and Biblical family life. In this course we dive deeper so that the student can live his life according to Biblical principles and have a blessed and fruitful family life.

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